Is your burner compliant?

We are phasing out low-emission burners in Clean Air Zones so that we can lower emissions and improve Canterbury’s air quality.


Check if your burner is compliant

Ultra-low emission burners (ULEBs) produce far less pollution than other types of burners, so they can be installed in any home in Canterbury, whether or not you’re in a Clean Air Zone. Energy Star-rated heat pumps are also a great, zero-emission option.

Over the next five years, more than 10,000 low-emission burners around Canterbury will become non-compliant. Visit the Solid Fuel Burner database to search for your address and check when your burner is due to expire. You can also update information about your burner on the database.

View the solid fuel burner database


Rules and financial assistance

Find out more about the wood burner rules in your area or read up on how Environment Canterbury can help upgrade your wood burner if you have financial or other difficulties.