Stock up on wood early

The best time to stock up on firewood is spring and summer, for three reasons. Keep on scrolling to find out why.


Why stock up on wood now?

1 Time to dry

Buying wood early allows time to dry your wood before using it. Generally, it takes 1-3 years for wood to dry properly, so if you’re buying wood to use next winter it needs to be pre-dried or seasoned.

Burning wet wood is not an option as it won’t get hot enough to produce efficient warmth in your home and it leads to smoky chimneys and air pollution.

2 Likely to be cheaper

Stocking up when the weather’s still warm typically means the wood will be priced more competitively.

3 Avoid missing out

We’ve had winters where the cold weather has hit fast and hard, and wood stocks have not been able to keep up with demand. Buying now will ease stress on the supply chain.

Want to know more?

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